I have suffered with very bad motion sickness all my life and found Agnes after coming across some research on vision problems that can cause it. I had an assessment with Agnes to look into this (which co-incidentally identified some other problems to work on as well). Agnes recommended some new lenses for my glasses, as well as vision therapy, which has been incredible. I can now travel in the car with minimal nausea, my vision has improved and I am much less tired after working all day. Working with Agnes has changed my life even in these short few months and I would highly recommend her services!

R.B., Highnham, 32 yo

June 2022



My 10 year old son has been suffering from car sickness all his life. We have done 2 vision therapy sessions with Agnes and 2 months of exercises at home. I am amazed at the changes we are seeing in his concentration but also, last weekend we went to Wales and my son did not need his sick bands in the car and managed the whole trip without feeling sick!

V.D., Gloucester, mum of J.D. 10yo

March 2022 



I wanted to let you know how absolutely amazed I am today that Freya came bouncing through the door from school, saying she has been moved up not 1 but 2 stages in reading! Her teacher said she was so close to moving up 3 stages!! I am so grateful for the work that you put into Freya. This would never have happened had she not had a course of therapy with you.Thank you once again for the incredible work you do.

C.B., Gloucester, mum of Freya 9yo

October 2021



After only 3 vision therapy sessions I have seen a marked improvement in my daughter's reading ability and her willingness to read.

I.B., Twekesbury, dad of N.B., age 10

August 2021



" I have done Vision Therapy with Agnes for the last 4 months. I realised last week that when reading I do not sound like a robot anymore."

E.H., Tewkesbury, age 14

May 2021



"Agnes has been absolutely brilliant, she has explained everything very clearly, been extremely helpful and informative.  She has made my daughter feel at ease with the exercises and all that she needs to do to improve her eye movements. We are about halfway through the sessions and have noticed an improvement with fluency when reading.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Agnes to anyone."

J.H., Tewkesbury

March 2021

"We really can't thank you enough. The sessions our daughter had with you improved not only her reading but her mood too. She is far happier and now feeling confident about starting secondary school later this year."

M. H., Gloucester

February 2021

I was absolutely blown away by the special service Agnes Ali offers. I was diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age and went to an Optometrist in year 7 to figure out why I was struggling so much with headaches, eye fatigue and struggling to copy from the school board or from a book. The local optometrist did the standard eye test and told me I was fine.

20 years later at Agnes Ali, the results have been somewhat eye opening. A new pair of uniquely prescribed glasses have rapidly reduced the frequency of headaches. They have increased my concentration time, made it easier to identify and select things from shopping shelves, made driving safer and I can drive for longer.

I am looking forward to continuing the work with exercises with Agnes.

She is practical, understanding and professional. I am so pleased that I finally have the support I need and I don’t have to live another 20 years fighting tough concentration and suffering headaches!

L. G., Worcester 

March 2021