Johansen Sound Therapy

Many children with speech and/or language difficulties, including difficulties with reading and writing, have inefficient Auditory Processing (listening). Researchers believe that Auditory Processing Difficulties may contribute to problems with language processing and the way in which children perceive (or hear) sounds in words.


Johansen IAS is an Auditory Stimulation programme which involves listening to music specifically designed to stimulate the nerve pathways into and within the brain – in particular the areas dealing with language. Children as young as three years old, adolescents and adults can all benefit from Johansen IAS.


The difficulties that can often be positively influenced through Johansen Individualised Auditory Stimulation are the following:

  • Speech Sounds (pronouncing speech sounds correctly)
  • Receptive Language (understanding of language)
  • Expressive Language (speaking)
  • Auditory Processing/ listening
  • Written Language (dyslexia)
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Phonological awareness (awareness of speech sounds)
  • Dyspraxia
  • Understanding and remembering information and instructions
  • Concentration
  • Self confidence and self esteem
  • Behaviour – when it may be due to poor communication skills
  • Hypersensitivity to loud or particular sounds / noises


The first step towards starting on a Johansen IAS programme involves an assessment that includes the use of checklists to gather background information, a listening audiogram as well as some formal and informal tests to explore the individual’s profile of strengths and difficulties.  Once a picture of the individual’s difficulties has been gained Johansen IAS will be discussed and explained. The assessment takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.


Johansen IAS is a home based Sound Therapy programme which involves daily listening to music downloaded onto a mobile device. The music is specially recorded and modified to address the areas of strength and weakness in a person’s hearing. The music is listened to daily for 10 to 15 minutes through over-the ear headphones. Many individuals choose to listen at bedtime when they are relaxed and daytime activities are not interrupted.


Reviews are carried out every four to ten weeks depending on age, when progress is discussed and a new listening audiogram is taken (if appropriate). New music will be made, again customised to the individual needs of the listener. The complete programme usually lasts around 8 to 12 months.

Agnes Ali - Johansen Sound Therapy