Clever child but underachieving at school?

Difficulties with homework or lacking motivation?

Struggling with reading or avoiding altogether?

Skipping over letters, words or lines?

Rereading text for understanding?

Text moving, blurring or doubling up?

Headaches? Eye strain? Clumsy? Low attention? Disruptive? Quickly tired?

The list goes on….

If you recognise any of these issues affecting your child, student or yourselves
please contact me for advice.


Through a detailed vision assessment, I will discover which crucial skills of vision are affected.


By recommending a targeted exercise programme and/or glasses I will be able to work with a person to vastly improve their visual system and consequently their learning, self-confidence and happiness.


Please read on for more information and get in touch for a free, no obligation chat so I can help make learning and life easier.

Did you know that a vision problem is often mistaken for a learning one?


80% of our learning at school is vision related.

10-15% of the child population has visual inefficiencies that affect learning.

What is involved in vision?


To get the full visual experience, we need 2 healthy eyes that

  • are able to focus at all distances
  • work together as a team
  • are able to move smoothly in all directions


We also need the brain that

  • is able to interpret what the eyes see
  • can associate the image with learned experience
  • can name what is being seen and
  • can react to the accurate interpretation of the image


If there is an underdevelopment or inaccuracy in any of the above points it can significantly impact a person’s ability to learn and achieve.